See below our different design services. We can help with your design even if you are not located in the Hamilton or surrounding area.


With our in house design services we can help create your professional CAD files. Whether you have a sketch on a piece of paper or just a basic idea, our design engineers will work with you to make sure we create the most cost effective design that meets all your requirements. 

At Westdale 3D Printing & Prototyping we have many industry partners in the Greater Hamilton area that call upon us to not only make their components but also design the part. This ranges from concept prototypes to end use components. 

Electrical Design

Our manufacturng capabilities are not only limited to 3D printing, we can also make your custom  printed circuit boards (PCB) as well. Even if you don’t have a circuit schematic, you can book a consultation with one of our design engineers to go over your design and give you a full turnkey solution for your project. This would include creating the PCB board file, milling the PCB, and soldering all componetns along with testing to verify correct functionality.

Optical Design

With the use of Zemax Optic Studio we have access to the most powerful optical design software in the industry. We can design, optimize, and then import the Lens file into CAD software to even create the optical bench for your project. Our optical design service is another turnkey solution for our clients. With our 3D printing capabilities the entire project can be created in house. This then matched will our electrical design capabilities truly makes us a one stop shop for all prototypes.